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Sri Lanka and Canada on alert over a ship suspected to be carrying illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka

There have been reports in the media on ‘M/V Sun Sea’ which is reportedly heading towards the East Coast of Canada carrying over 200 illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa and the relevant Security Agencies in Colombo have been in close contact with the relevant authorities in Canada on this issue.

The High Commissioner in Ottawa met with Mr. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism of Canada and discussed mutual concerns on illegal immigration and human smuggling from Sri Lanka which are linked to LTTE operations outside the country.

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Great joy to celebrate Poson in unity - President

Poson Poya is a most revered festival for the entire Buddhist population of Sri Lanka as it reminds us of the advent to Sri Lanka of Arahat Mahinda with Buddha's message of the Dhamma. Celebrating this historic, two thousand three hundred and eighteenth Poson Festival in unity with the entire nation brings us great joy, states President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a Poson message.

The Dhamma preached by Arahat Mahinda led our society and culture to a new path. It showed us the way to live in co-existence as citizens of one country regardless of ethnic or religious differences.

Inspired by the spirit of loving kindness and compassion, we resolved as a nation to build a society based on morals and non-violence.

It was due to the path of peace and serenity enunciated by Arahat Mahinda that we lay claim to a proud history among the countries of the world.

The country, today, is united to build a righteous nation based on the teachings of Arahat Mahinda. Success must be achieved by working resolutely. Based on love and kindness we usher in co-existence. We should not forget that the divisions make us the losers.

Our State policy is always guided by the path of Dhamma.

'Dhammo have Rakkathi Dhammachari'

Let us reflect upon these words of the Enlightened One taught to our nation by Arahat Mahinda which means 'One who lives with the Dhamma is protected by the Dhamma' and make the Poson season more meaningful by aligning ourselves to build a New Sri Lanka.

May the Triple Gem Bless you!


Independence Commemoration in Canada

The 62nd Anniversary of Independence was commemorated at the residence of the High Commissioner HE  Ms. Chitranganee Wagiswara on 4th February 2010.



The messages of HE the President, Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were read by the High Commission staff followed by special religious observances by the Buddhist, Hindu, Islam and Christian clergy who invoked blessings for the peace and prosperity of Sri Lanka and reiterated the need for the Diaspora to put aside all differences and to unite in rebuilding their motherland. Following the official ceremony an alms giving was offered to the priests and other visitors.

The High Commissioner in her address noted that the 62nd Anniversary of Independence is very special to all Sri Lankans as it is the first Independence day celebration after the defeat of terrorism. She also urged all Sri Lankans living in Canada to unite and work together for the continued peace and reconciliation.On Saturday 6th February, 2010 the High Commission together with the Sri Lankan community organized a cultural programme which was held at the Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe. The High Commissioner in her address to the large gathering said that Sri Lanka is on the threshold of a “new Sri Lanka” and spoke of the need to focus on promoting an united Sri Lankan identity abroad.Over 300 Sri Lankans participated at this event which was followed by a reception.

Sri Lanka High Commission
Ottawa, Canada.

February 09, 2010


Address by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the 62nd anniversary of Independence

Today we celebrate the anniversary of Independence after the liberation of the entire country from terrorist threat for the first time in 30 years. I am proud to proclaim that we are in a position to raise the flag of Sri Lanka with dignity in the entire country.

In 1815, Variyapola Sumangala Thero hoisted our flag on this historic land after lowering the Union Jack. I wish to pay my respect to the venerable monks as well as the revered clergy of all religions for their dedication and commitment displayed to preserve this freedom.



When I unfurled the national flag today, I remembered those heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives and limbs for the freedom of the country and all those who worked with dedication for the liberation struggle.

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